Irrigation  Repairs


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Irrigation Review

Step 1:


Are you interested in a beautiful landscape that saves water?


With state and local agencies restricting water usage during the drought season, it may be time for a change in your watering techniques or a modification of your existing irrigation system, to help you consume less water.


With mandatory watering restrictions in effect throughout California, it may be time for an Irrigation Review.


Check with your local water agency on watering restrictions and rebates on water saving devices.

Even Address - Monday, Thursday, Saturday
Odd Address - Tuesday, Friday, Sunday

Outdoor Water Saving Rebates

* High Efficiency Sprinkler Nozzles
* Weather Based Irrigation Controller
* Drought Tolerant Landscaping
* Small Grove Irrigation System Retrofit
* Synthetic Turf/Irrigation-less Groundcover Conversion
Step 2:
Irrigation Review

(5 Point Irrigation Review)


Check For Leaky Valves

Check Wiring Connections


Check Controller Settings

Create A Watering Schedule

Check Functioning Sensors


Locate Leaky Sprinklers

Review Sprinkler Coverage

Locate Clogged Sprinklers

Check for Matched Precipitation


Dry Patches

Controller Errors

Coverage Problems


Repair Quote 

Recommended Upgrades  


Irrigation Review  Request Form

Redlands, Loma Linda, Yucaipa, Mentone

Other cities available upon request

Step 3:
We Provide recommendations to save water on your irrigation system

We specialize in modifying existing irrigation systems that are super water efficient.


Water Saving Products Include:


* Soil Moisture Management (New)

* Smart Irrigation Controllers

* High Efficiency Nozzles

* Weather Based Sensor
* Low Flow Drip System
* Pressure Regulation
* Freeze Sensor
* Check Valves
* Flow Sensor
* Rain Sensor
* Soil Sensor 

Irrigation Repairs


Our irrigation specialist will call to schedule an appointment to perform the work required. 

For larger projects, an estimate will be provided before work begins. 

Smaller jobs will be billed by time and material.

Irrigation Repairs: (1 hr. Min. Charge)

Labor Rate $68.00 per hour