Irrigation  Repairs


                                       California State Contractors License # 523728

With state and local agencies restricting water usage during the summer months, it may be time for a change in your watering techniques and a change in your type of irrigation system, to help you consume less water.


GardenMasters can modify your existing irrigation system or install a new system with a state of the art controller, irrigation sensors, sprinkler nozzles, drip systems, and a Fertigation system to help reduce your water bills.


We specialize in repairs for irrigation systems in the Redlands area..


We provide irrigation repairs on sprinklers, valves, controllers, drip systems, and upgrades for smart controllers and high efficiency sprinklers. 


               These Products Can Help You SAVE WATER / SAVE MONEY

Fertilize Automatically Through Your Irrigation System
 EZ-FLO feeds gently, in small amounts, every time your irrigation system waters, allowing the plants to develop healthier root masses that make them stronger, more drought tolerant and less susceptible to insects and disease.


Need to Pay An Invoice?

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