Irrigation  Repairs


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Vineyard Installation

The amount of grapes you will be able to harvest from your vineyard depends on the terroir and varietal.  It is also dependant on how much fruit is dropped when thinning the vines during their growth cycle, as well as how many vines per acre.  

You do not need an acre of land, to be able to make wine.  You can plant a small section of 25 vines and have some fun, as well as purchase grapes.  Often, amateur winemaking clubs or Co-Op Groups put together an order for grapes to be able to access quality grapes from a commercial grower.


New Vineyard

- Timeline -

September - October

Vineyard Overview

Plan General Layout

November - December

Early - Oder Bare Roots

January - February

Pre-Order Supplies

Clear Shrubs & Weeds

Early - Trellis Installation

March - April

Trellis Installation

Irrigation Installation

Early - Vine Installation

May - June

Vine Installation

Weed Control

July - August

Monitor Irrigation

Pest Control

Rodent Control


You may be interested in getting together some fellow friends or family members to install a vineyard as a group and share in the costs and rewards of growing grapes and making wine.


Need Help - Lets Meet....


If you wish to do the construction and/or planting yourself, but aren't sure what you need and/or how to go about it, you may commission us (GardenMasters/Coyote Oaks Vineyards) to draw up a plan with layout, equipment needs, supplies, and basic instructions


Need Info - Schedule A Meeting


Once you have installed your vineyard, be aware that there is a fair amount of maintenance involved. We have listed a few items below
1) Weed Control
2) Rodent Control
3) Spray for Powdery Mildew (2-5 times)
4) Vine Trimming - Maintain Proper Canopy
5) Chemical Application - Pest Removal
6) Bird / Bee Netting Installation and Removal

Still Not sure what it takes to install and maintain a vineyard.

Or maybe you want to know who else has vineyards in the area.

Check out our local site:  Redlands Estate Vineyards