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Fertigation with EZ-FLOW System
What Is Fertigation

Fertigation is a process in which fertilizer is dissolved and distributed along with water in your drip or spray irrigation system.

EZ-FLO technology has the ability to liquefy highly concentrated, water-soluble fertilizers and proportion them into the irrigation water stream in extremely low doses. It is a unique form of fertigation which we call “Micro-Dosing”.

Easy to Use - Saves Time
Connects directly to an in ground irrigation system or garden hose and feeds slowly every time you water.
Combine multiple products for one step application of Fertilizer, Insect Control, & Pest Repellent 

One system can feed the entire landscape and garden through all types of irrigation - simply refill with virtually any liquid or water soluble product.
Saves Money - Saves Water
Replaces hose end sprayers, tank sprayers and fertilizer spreaders
Use up to 90% less fertilizer due to superior nutrient uptake
Reduce or eliminate insect and weed control requirements
Use 20% to 30% less water

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EZ-FLO’s patented flow technologies effectively create an “invisible bladder” that separates the clear water entering the tank from the fertilizer concentrate at the bottom of the tank. As clear water is introduced into the tank, it arrives in a number of areas. Port water inlets at the top of the tank create a clear layer of water that separates it from the fertilizer concentrate.