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Soil Management


GardenMasters has listed a variety of products below that can help improve your landscape 


Alleviate water run-off due compacted soil, with regular use of E-Z Wet.

Reduce the amount of watering needed with Hydretain 

Increase moisture retention with AquaSmart


E*Z WET Soil Penetrant


E-Z Wet is an effective and economical turf and landscape soil wetting agent.


E-Z Wet is a non-ionic combination of highly refined surfactants that can be used for many soil problems. It is recommended for hard to wet soils. 


Premium Green Soil Penetrant / G

Apply by broadcasting or by rotary-typed spreader. Also may be blended with soil mixes and bulk granular fertilizers




Non-Ionic Formula
Improves Drainage
Reduces Ponding
Wet Matted Turf

Leaches Excess Salt

Increases Aeration
Minimizes Puddling
Alcohol Free Formula


Gro-Power Available At: 


Hydretain is a revolutionary new chemistry designed to reduce the watering requirements of plants and turf. Its patented blend of liquid humectant and hygroscopic compounds attract free water molecules from the air within the soil matrix and efficiently transfers them into the roots of plants 

Hydretain enables plants to thrive with up to a fifty percent reduction in watering frequency. 



Minimize Drought Stress
Lower Utility Bills
Avoid Watering Restriction Fines
Protect Against Opportunistic Pests
Extend Watering Intervals
Save Time and Labor

Improve Transplant Success
Eliminate Localized Dry Spots
Conserve Precious Water
Available At:  


AquaSmart™ is a super-absorbent polymer-coated sand product that is available in the form of a straight additive for increased moisture retention and growth of plants, flowers, trees, and grass/turf with water savings estimated at up to 60%, in some cases based on soil and climate conditions.


Will remain in the soil or turf and degrades over a period of  years, allowing for only incremental additional treatments each year, depending on the nature of the soil and its condition.

"Great for potted plants and gardens

 that dry out quickly"  



Absorbs 12X weight in water

Reduce your water usage by 60%

Is Biodegradable and non-toxic

Reduces compaction of sports fields

Builds a stronger foundation of roots

Remains in the soil /gradually degrades

Absorbs fertilizer &reduces nutrient run-off

Available At: Ewing Irrigation