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Establishing a vineyard may be for several reasons such as for winemaking, real estate enhancement, erosion enhancements, or just home gardening.


GardenMasters has teamed up with wine maker Karen Sherman from Coyote Oaks Vineyards to install new vineyards in Redlands area.


Wine Making in Redlands


The biginning of wine making and grape growing in Redlands was attributed to the efforts of Dr. Barton in 1859 when he planted 60,000 grape vines. This was the start of the Barton Winery and Vineyard which ultimately evolved into and was absorbed by The Brookside Winery.

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Drought Tolerant Plants - Grape Vines
Watered Every 11 Days In The Summer

The Sherman's Estate Vineyards in Redlands

has chosen Sangiovese, Tempranillo, and Primitivo

to hold up to the high heat and desert like influences of the area.

How Much Water Do Our Grape Vines Need?


Each grape vine started with a 1 gallon per hour (GPH) drip emitter. Once established, we added an additional emitter on each side of the vine. The vines will only require 3 - 4 hours of irrigation per week in the summer and no watering in the winter.  Watering may accure only 7-8 months out of the year. 

Our vineyard water use is monitored with a Hunter "Flow-Sync" flow meter and tracked on the Hunter I-Core controller allowing us to keep tract from year to year of our actual water use. Grape vines were dormant for 4 months of the year.

2014: (Approximately 430  vines)
March 2014 to March 2015 the vineyard used 96,500 gallons of water.
Gallons Used x Cost per Gallon = Yearly Cost
96,500 gallons x $0.002  = $193.00                                                                 $193.00 / 8 months =  $21.44/month   

2015: (Approximately 550  vines)
March 2015 to March 2016 the vineyard used 111,865 gallons of water.
Gallons Used x Cost per Gallon = Yearly Cost
111,865 gallons x $0.002  = $223.73                                                                $223.73 / 8 months =  $27.97 /month 

2016: (Approximately 550  vines) Using Hydretain
March 2016 to March 2017 the vineyard used 126,368 gallons of water.
Gallons Used x Cost per Gallon = Yearly Cost
126,368 gallons x $0.002  = $252.74                                                                $252.74 / 8 months =  $31.598/month 

2017: (Approximately 600  vines) Using Hydretain