Irrigation  Repairs


                                       California State Contractors License # 523728


We specialize in repairs for irrigation and low voltage lighting systems in the Redlands area..

We provide irrigation repairs on sprinklers, valves, controllers, drip systems, and upgrades for smart controllers and high efficiency sprinklers along with repairing lighting issues due to broken wires, burned out bulbs or LED replacements on your existing lighting system. 

 Lighting Repairs:

Repair or Replace Lighting Fixtures

Repair or Replace Lighting Wiring

Move or Update Light Fixtures

Replace Burned out Bulbs

Install New Transformers

Set Transformer Times 

LED Conversion 


Low Voltage Lighting:

GardenMasters installs new low voltage lighting systems that elevates your nighttime landscape to a whole new level.


Low Voltage Lighting Fixtures


Irrigation Repairs
Adjust Sprinklers
Repair Main Line
Broken Irrigation Lines
Replace Leaky Valves
Replace Broken Sprinklers
System Upgrades
Drip Systems
Rain Sensors
Smart Controllers
High Efficiency Sprinklers
Faulty Wire
Timer Errors
Dry Patches
Coverage Problems

Vineyard Installation

One vine or one hundred vines (or more), wine grapes or table grapes, staked or trellised, large or small lot, slope or flat ground, it does not matter, we can help you with your irrigation needs for your home vineyard.

Our mission is to help repopulate the Redlands foothills and surrounding area with as many grapevines as possible, in an effort to enhance and continue Redlands historic heritage of grape growing and wine making.

You may be interested in getting together some fellow friends or family members to install a vineyard as a group and share in the costs and rewards of growing grapes and making wine.



Service Request


Our irrigation or lighting specialist will call to schedule an appointment to perform the repairs required. 

For larger projects, an estimate will be provided before work begins. 

Smaller jobs will be billed by time and material.

Service Areas

Our coverage depends on the type of work.

Here is a list of the areas we service for each type of work:


Lighting Repair (Request Form)

Redlands, Loma Linda, Yucaipa, Mentone


Irrigation Repair (Request Form)

Redlands, Loma Linda, Yucaipa, Mentone


Lighting and Irrigation Repair: (1 hr. Min. Charge)

Repair - Labor Rate $88.00 per hour  

Call: (909) 792-7348