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Landscape Lighting


Installing an outdoor lighting system from GardenMasters allows you the opportunity to discover the true potential of your landscape well after sunset. Custom designed lighting systems reveal the hidden beauty of your property and add greatly to the safety, security and value of your residence or business. Safety and aesthetics play a key role in this increasingly popular area of landscape design. Using down-lighting, up-lighting, and path lighting elevates your nighttime landscape to a whole new level. Lighting should never be intrusive to you, your family or your neighbors and the experts GardenMasters are specially trained in the artistry of subtle lighting for your landscape.



Uplighting is the most commonly used technique by landscape professionals to illuminate trees, sculptures, walls, waterfalls, fountains and many other ancient pieces. These landscape lighting fixtures are ground-mounted and directed upward and away from the viewer to prevent glare. Fixtures can be easily adjusted horizontally and vertically by a landscape lighting professional or homeowner to add a dramatic effect to any part of the landscape.





Essentially the same technique as uplighting, Downlighting is a general term that describes a group of effects that places the illuminating source above the target area. Downlighting can be used to light specific garden elements and pedestrian areas or to illuminate large spaces for safety, security or recreational purposes.






The principal purpose of pathlighting is to spread light across walkways, paths and entrances to promote the safe and efficient movement of foot traffic. When used selectively and strategically, it is a great way to add decorative accents to a landscape. To achieve this landscape lighting effect, fixtures can be installed at a path level or on an elevated surface such as a tree or patio to cast down light from above.





Professional grade transformers will have multi taps inside, giving you the option to select different ranges. The reason for the selection is that you can have power loss through your wire runs due to the length of the run or the wattage load you have on it.

For instance on a long wire run you might have to tap the wire in to a 14 volt tap to maintain the operating range of your landscape light bulbs, which is between 10.5 volts and 11.5 volts.


GardenMasters installs a wide variety of landscape lighting fixtures and transformers from various manufactures such as Vista, , Unique, FX Luminaire, and more.