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Hunter WIFI Pro-HC Controller

Replace Your Existing Controller With a New Hunter WIFI Controller.

 6 Station (Indoor) Controller with Installation  $240.00

12 Station (Indoor) Controller with Installation  $285.00

 6 Station (Outdoor) Controller with Installation  $270.00

12 Station (Outdoor) Controller with Installation  $325.00

GardenMasters will monitor your irrigation controller for you.

Need help with your watering schedule, we can make the changes for you through the Hydrawise website with out a service call.

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Note: Must be within our service area.

Wireless Rain Sensors


For all residential applications, the wireless rain sensors conserves water by suspending irrigation during rainfall.


The sensor automatically shuts off your controller preventing it from running during a rainy day and resets when its time to water again.


GardenMasters will install a wireless rain sensor on your existing Hunter, Irritrol, Rain Bird or Toro controller for only $125.00

"Price includes wireless rain sensor and installation".


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Note: Must be within our service area.



Purchase The Climate Logic For $180.00

GardenMasters will install the unit for free


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Note: Only Available In Our Service Area.



Purchase The Solar SyncFor $190.00

GardenMasters will install the unit for free


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Note: Only Available In Our Service Area.


Irritrol - Wireless Climate Logic


For simple, water saving, weather-following, automatic irrigation control, Irritrol® introduces the Climate Logic wireless weather system.

Consisting of two components; a wireless transmitting weather sensor for installation outdoors and a receiver module to attach to the Irritrol controller. The system monitors weather data, transmits them to the module and then alters the controller's program based on the weather.

You simply program your controller like you normally would, and the Climate Logic takes over from there, eliminating the need to manually adjust your watering schedule.


The Climate Logic weather system works with the Rain Dial®-R, the Total Control®-R, KwikDial® and a new generation of MC-E commercial controllers.  


Hunter - Wireless Solar Sync


The Solar-Sync is a sensor system that, when connected to your Hunter controller, will automatically adjust your controller watering based upon changes in local climate conditions.


The Solar-Sync utilizes a solar and teperature sensor to measure on-site weather conditions used to determine evapotransporation (ET), or the rate at which plants and turf use water.


In addition, the Solar-Sync sensor includes a Hunter Rain Click and Freeze Clik sensor that will shut down your irrigation system when it rains and/or during freezing conditions.


Compatibility: The Hunter Solar Sync works with the ICC, Pro-C,

X-Core, I-Core,