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Water Conservation


Water Efficiency + Smart Irrigation = GardenMasters

Create and Maintain Healthy, Beautiful, Green Spaces through 

Smart Irrigation with Water Efficient Products. 

With state and local agencies restricting water usage during the summer months, it may be time for a change in your watering techniques and a change in your type of irrigation system, to help you consume less water.


GardenMasters can modify your existing irrigation system with a state of the art smart controller, irrigation sensors, high efficiency sprinkler nozzles, drip systems, and soil moisture management products that will help reduce your water bills.


We specialize in installing landscape irrigation systems that are water efficient.

Irrigation Sensors

Rain Sensors are used to suspend watering in the event of rain. 


Wind Sensors prevent watering above a specified wind speed to minimize water lost to wind drift.


Soil Moisture Probes are an excellent way to shut off the irrigation system when there is sufficient moisture in the soil.

Flow Sensors can shut down the system when a sprinkler breaks or a pipe ruptures. 


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Moisture Management

GardenMasters has listed a variety of product that can help improve your landscape 

Hydretain - Reduce the amount of watering needed for your landscape.

For an application of Hydretain 

AquaSmart - Increase moisture retention.

"Great for potted plants and gardens"

E-Z Wet - Alleviate water run off due to compacted soil.



One of the best methods to maximize water efficiency is to make sure to perform the simple seasonal adjustment, set cycle soak and set rain shut off switches on your controller.

Don't want to be bothered with changing  your controller all the time, just have GardenMasters install a weather based sensor to automatically change your seasonal adjust for you.

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High Efficiency Nozzles

High Efficiency nozzles are designed to reduce water consumption. High efficiency nozzles can come in form of rotary or spray. Instead of a fixed stream of water, rotary heads deliver multiple streams, reducing water waste. Rotary nozzles also deliver a wider stream of water and distribute less precipitation which decreases overspray and runoff. 




Drip Systems

Irrigation Drip Systems include a pressure regulator to control high flows, as well as a filter to prevent debris that can clog up a drip system from ever getting downstream.

A must for converting an old spray type sprinkler system to a drip system.

Drip Lines

A great addition to an existing irrigation system. Prevent those weeds from growing between your fruit trees due to overhead watering.  With the proper drip line tubing and emitter selection, you will be using less water to evaporation.  

Black, flexible irrigation tubing hose is used for both drip irrigation main and lateral drip irrigation or low volume irrigation systems. The poly drip irrigation tubing hose comes in ½” and ¾” sizes and also has a carbon black additive for UV Resistance.  


EZ-FLO feeds your fertilizer gently, in small amounts, every time your irrigation system waters. 

GardenMasters can help you conserve water on your landscaping

 by installing many of the water saving devices listed above.

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